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24/7 Self-Service Portal

Over 81% of consumers want self-service options

The 2CX self-service portal enhances customer convenience, freedom, and autonomy in resolving various issues. With this solution, customers have access to prompt assistance available 24/7.

The Portal’s continuous availability empowers customers with control over their interactions with the company, allowing them to choose the most suitable time to seek information or clarify doubts. This ensures convenience, freedom, and autonomy in customer contact.

Empower customers to address their routine requests and inquiries through self-service. It will liberate our human operators to tackle complex and demanding cases, delivering exceptional support where it’s truly needed.

Portal de autoatendimento

The self-service portal maximizes results in operations related to:

Customer Service



With simulation systems, renegotiation, and issuance capabilities

Integrated with your CRM

Streamline processes and accelerate outcomes

Scale up your customer service and adapt to consumer behavior

Everything online, anytime and anywhere

Integration with omnichannel platform

Visualization of renegotiations, sales, and ongoing tickets

Acting as a guide for campaigns

Simplified issuance of invoices

Provides a Q&A section to facilitate the search for answers about your business

Reduce costs through automated customer service

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