2CX Voice-based or text-based digital agents

Voice or text, revolutionize your customer service operation with digital agents 

Voice-based or text-based digital agents are empowered to perform product demonstrations, negotiate, collect data, answer questions, and send files. They also enable cost reduction and increase team productivity.

With digital agents, it is possible to handle a high volume of simultaneous interactions with customers consistently and accurately. They follow pre-defined flows, ensuring a satisfactory experience while reducing contact errors, enabling cost reduction, and increasing the team’s productivity.

Agentes Digitais

Voicebot: personalize flows, regionalize communication and humanize contact

Make your operation more agile through script creation and editing, without the need for programming

Find the right person and apply a natural voice

Adjust campaigns quickly through TTS audios

Design the best journey for your customer and apply humanized voice, with local accents and expressions

Our Digital Agents speak an average of 225 hours a month, while human agents speak approximately 112 hours monthly.

Chatbot: Reduce costs and automate your operation 24/7

Speed and agility in all messaging channels

Chatbots or service bots facilitate and automate within your website, WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger, and social networks.

Use pre-built, custom scripts with natural language integrated with Artificial Intelligence to improve the customer experience.

Chatbot 2CX

An even more efficient customer experience

Creation of flows and dialogs

Online Service Button Customization

CRM / API Integration

Customer Satisfaction Survey (NPS)

Chatbot on your website

Webhook to receive real-time data

Load management with contact information

2CX Solutions

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