Omnichannel 2CX: Integrate channels, store information, and standardize communication

Offer your customers the true Omnichannel experience

Integrate all contact channels in one place and enhance the customer experience with Omnichannel 2CX. Now you can serve your customers by phone, WhatsApp, chat, email, Messenger, Telegram, Twitter, SMS, and many other channels, all in a centralized and efficient way.

By centralizing your company’s communication channels on the Omnichannel platform, you provide your customers with a seamless and consistent experience, regardless of the channel they choose to interact with your company. This means that they can get in touch through their preferred channel, seamlessly transition to other channels if needed, and receive personalized and responsive service.

In addition, Omnichannel 2CX offers comprehensive dashboards and reports that provide valuable insights into the performance of each contact channel and the operation as a whole. Access key metrics and important indicators, such as response time, volume of interactions, and customer satisfaction level, and identify areas for improvement, strategy adjustments, and service optimization points.

One platform, a multi-channel service

Discover the available channels in Omnichannel 2CX

Build chatbots

Chatbot development without prior programming knowledge

Build using the drag-and-drop system

Connect channels to the Chatbot and have 24/7 attendance

Manage configuration, integrations, and interactions

The Omnichannel 2CX platform ensures integrated operations and a single view of the customer

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