2CX IVR: Answer, distribute, and manage calls with high performance

Humanize customer contact to the right extent

The 2CX IVR is the ideal solution for automating outbound, inbound, or blended operations, enhancing customer service, and delivering an exceptional customer experience, as it is intelligent and uses natural language processing.

Versatility is one of the main advantages of IVR, offering two versions of interaction: DTMF (Dual-tone multi-frequency) allows customers to easily interact using the telephone’s numeric keypad, selecting options quickly and conveniently. It also includes voice recognition, enabling customers to express themselves naturally, making the interaction more intuitive and human.

The 2CX IVR also allows you to customize the service according to the needs of each company. It is possible to choose the accent and types of expressions used, creating a unique identity that aligns with the brand. In addition, it is possible to record dynamic messages for seasonal occasions, such as holidays or special sales, making the contact more relevant and personalized.

Empathy and customization with IVR

Include regionalized speech, personalize the service, and measure performance

DTMF keypad entry, without compromising security

Voice recognition, with natural language understanding

TTS (Text-To-Speech) technology reproduces written information through speech

Dynamic reports on performance, queue time, peak times, and call duration

NPS - Customer feedback for improvement

Configuration of special treatment prioritization

Quick data lookup and on-screen availability for streamlined customer service

Efficient navigation flow for customer interaction

Streamline processes and improve the performance of your service operation

See how it works in practice

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