The healthcare sector is known for its long waiting queues over the phone, delays in service, and lengthy manual processes. It also often fails to meet patients’ real needs in terms of scheduling appointments, addressing doubts, or obtaining information about exams, for example. 

2CX solutions for patient care enable scheduling, appointment booking, reminders, access to exams, billing issuance, and other activities that do not require human agents. These solutions aim to simplify patients’ lives, enhance the quality of care, and create exceptional experiences. One platform for all your customer service needs, integrating multiple channels: phone, chat, WhatsApp, Telegram, email, and more.

2CX Benefits at Health Institutions

Provide humanized customer service

Customize flows and scripts

Self-service for low-complexity issues

Reduce waiting time

Manage operations

Reduce average handling time

Improve the patient experience and ensure satisfaction

How 2CX solutions work in the health sector