Face-to-face call recorder

Face-to-Face: record, store and check face-to-face meetings when you need them

2CX Face-to-face call recorder is perfect for companies that need to record in-person customer interactions, whether for legal purposes, documentation, or future analysis.

The 2CX Face-to-Face call recorder brings innovation by incorporating the Word Spotting functionality. After pre-registering keywords of interest, it generates alerts for monitoring conversations. It applies Speech Analytics technology to analyze the context of recordings containing the keywords, aiming to gain insights, patterns, trends, and a better understanding of the interactions between customers and the company.

With this solution, companies can rely on precise and readily accessible records whenever necessary as documenting their in-person interactions.

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Access the information you need, when you need it, with the Face-to-Face Call Recorder

Find the words in an easy way
Use Speech Analytics technology to analyze the conversations, locate the registered keywords, and determine if their usage is within the proper context of the interaction.
Register keywords
The Word Spotting functionality allows you to register keywords within the solution, triggering alerts when they are identified during the call.
Access your history
The recordings of in-person interactions will assist you in searching for information, gaining a better understanding of negotiations, verifying data, monitoring offers, and much more.
See how it works in practice

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